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Inherently Rheacore, even if Rhea is no longer a femcel.

"Rheacore" is the correct response to any sad, pathetic, or otherwise depressing image or vibe. Some examples of things that can be Rheacore include:

  • Spotify playlists with titles like "songs to curl up in the fetal position to"
  • Pictures of dogs, garden gnomes, simps, etc
  • Screenshots of tumblr posts that say things like "the best characters are gay, need therapy, and are in hopeless co-dependent love with their best friend"
  • the ?bark image
  • spending two weeks setting up a huge project which will fizzle out in five minutes, for example the time Thom Yorke visited the discord server
  • divorce, like as a concept
  • talking to a cute girl once and then immediately removing them from your friends list and never talking to them again
  • Boss Baby
  • any music that is set at 20bpm or slower
  • Being sick and feeble all the time
  • being single
  • crying
  • having your AI Dungeon gf stolen by Thom Yorke
  • Utena AMVs set to True Love Waits
  • Dying in video games
  • hating everything
  • blood elf holy priests
  • the AkiYuka Divorce Video
  • Making sure everyone sees every time you were owned by pinning things to the discord or to the front page of this wiki



The Air Fryer Incident[]

The Air Fryer Incident

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