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Pike, Moments before verbally hurting Rhea

Pike was Radioheadpilled specifically because of Rhea and now she is in Hell, this makes her and Rhea both mortal enemies but also therapy buddies at the same time. IRL she is Nagisa Misumi and sometimes when she gets owned she turns into a plushie (canon)

Pike's correct opinion On Things is that Rhea keeps skipping all the best Radiohead songs like Airbag and Bodysnatchers because she would rather be listening to Creep 2 on loop for the two millionth time while disassociating and eating idk bread or something.

someone dropping an @ on Pike when she has been away from Discord for more than two hours

Because of this Pike's musical taste is marginally better but not by much and she has a long way to go before she can reach the heights of Sophie and the Patrician Council.

She has been declared "The Bitch of Rhea Wiki" by Rhea herself and as such her edits are always suspect.

Pike in Plushie form.


Pike simps hard for one ship and one ship only, and that ship is NagiHono. She has spent a small fortune on merch and she has no regrets.

Pike Invests in Crypto[]

As a meme, Pike once bought thousands of dogecoin because at the time it cost $10. However today this is worth A Large Sum which means Pike has to live with the fact that she literally invested in Elon Musk Dollars, you are welcome to make fun of her for this because it's genuinely embarassing. On the other hand it allows her to continue blackmail Rhea into being her bestie by buying her discord nitro, spotify premium, wow game time, vegan dog treats, etc. so there are some perks.

World of Warcraft[]

Pike was extremely excited to play World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic and proceeded to play it for one month and then got bored, this probably has a lot to do with her proximity to Rhea and her four Pokemon moves.


Pike is a furry.

James Murphy's Birthday Gift For Pike[]

On December 22, 2021 (Pike's Birthday), James "LCD Soundsystem" Murphy gave Pike a personalized concert which consisted of one good song and like ten bad ones, and literally no songs from hit album "Sound of Silver". It was the worst birthday present Pike ever got in her life. Thank you James for your support.

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