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"I curse thee, Shadow the Hedgehog for dropping this... child on me and leaving." - K'aidel from an Alternate Universe, venting her frustrations.

K'aidel "Khajiit Skyrim" is the main hero of the RCU, she is the current character of Rhea's Skyrim save, and the most joked and talked about, being put into many many many pseudo fanfics, mostly in jest but sometimes it's unclear to what were Rhea's true feelings.


"Inigo, do you think we should wear the Thieves Guild armor in plain view of every guard?"

K'aidel is a female Khajiit of standard height, she has grey fur with a darker patch on her nose. Her eyes are of a light blue tint, and she has a trimmed mohawk that goes down to her neck. She also has 3 earrings on both ear to top it off.

For a while she wore the outfit given to her by the Thieves guild, sans the hoot and gloves. She had some accessories on her with it aswell, such as a Cowboy Hat, a Fine Hat, and her favorite grey scarf that she continues to wear to this day.

Eventually she switched to a form fitting outfit she bought from a local store near Markarth. It had a blue vest, blue pants, some leather boots and gloves, and some steel pauldrons.

Currently she wears a robe (She crafted it herself!) that reaches down a bit past her waist, the same boots as before, but no gloves. Of course the scarf stayed on.

She has a wedding ring aswell as she married Ma'kara very early on into her adventure as they are just so cute together like????