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Gru was one of Rhea's flames, he was a really great guy and just wanted to provide for his gorls. Gru saved the world several times because he's a hero.





Not much is known about Gru before Rhea developed a fake crush on him, he had some movies he did in the past but thats unimportant.

Rhea started posting about him on anonymous sites and publicly, and started to catch heat for being a "Gru Fucker". She denied all accusations but her actions kinda went against that.


This section was griefed some time ago, I believe it read that Gru died at an amusement park.


Gru had three adopted daughters, 1 brother, his old man friend, and all 38621 minions. He was never truly alone.

Rhea had a brief e-fling with him, it might not have truly happened but it was fun for a while.


  • Gru as previously stated is 14 feet tall.
  • Gru gave birth to each Minion
  • Minion Bob's full name is Miniona Boberta
  • Gru's favorite place to go with the gorls and minions was Disney World.
  • Gru's nose was Rhea's favorite part about him.
  • he was loved by all