Rhea Wiki


   This place is a message... and part of a system of messages... gay attention to it!

   Sending this message was important to us. We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

   This place is not a place of homor... no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here... nothing valued is here.

   What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger.

   The danger is in a particular location... it increases towards a center... the center of danger is here... of a particular size and shape, and below us.

   The danger is still present, in your time, as it was in ours.

   The danger is to the body, and it can kill.

   The form of the danger is an emanation of energy.

   The danger is unleashed only if you substantially disturb this place physically. This place is best shunned and left uninhabited.

Physical Description[]

Landscape of Thorns

   A mass of many irregularly-sized spikes protruding from the ground in all directions.

Spike Field

   A series of extremely large spikes emerging from the ground at different angles.

Spikes Bursting Through Grid

   A large square grid pattern across the site, through which large spikes protrude at various angles.

Menacing Earthworks

   Large mounds of earth shaped like lightning bolts, emanating from the edges of a square site. The shapes would be strikingly visible from the air, or from artificial hills constructed around the site.

Black Hole

   An enormous slab of basalt or black-dyed concrete, rendering the land uninhabitable and unfarmable.

Rubble Landscape

   A large square-shaped pile of dynamited rock, which over time would still appear anomalous and give a sense of something having been destroyed.

Forbidding Blocks

   A network of hundreds of house-sized stone blocks, dyed black and arranged in an irregular square grid, suggesting a network of "streets" which feel ominous and lead nowhere. The blocks are intended to make a large area entirely unsuitable for farming or other future use.